Friday, May 18, 2018


***I wrote the below entry 6 days before I was placed on medical disability. I forgot I wrote this. I haven't until now viewed this plume of emotion from the reader's perch...  it was just sitting unfinished in my drafts, a rambling musing of dark and colliding thoughts. I was on the tip of the sword. God bless that old tired soul, that I remember. God bless her bright, but frail and fragile soul, who stung so terribly through this, under a cloak of warrior. ***

Start where you are. Start with today. Start with what comes.

I am sitting on my landfill. On my old garbage.

And then the Transition Earthquake ....

Why does your hill smell, Jenn?

Because you are sitting on old rotting things and they were shaken.

The smell won't change.

Not here on this hill.

....It may get worse

Why does this land keep shaking and unearthing more shit?


Burying it did NOTHING. but give me a recess, a break from it.

Time to incinerate this BS.

Time for step 1...

....and step 2...

Step 1 type stuff. - check
Step 2 read stuff. -

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